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Time for English Pronunciation

Locations: Cork, Republic of Ireland

Course Details

TIME FOR ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION is a 2-week training course specifically designed for teachers who are aware of the importance and significance of pronunciation, and are open to corrective action and exercises to achieve correct English pronunciation.

Its main aims are to perfect course participants' pronunciation and to expose teachers to methods and ideas for teaching pronunciation to their students.  To this end, it progresses through eight distinct stages:

  1. Phonetics
  2. Stress
  3. Intonation
  4. Vowels - diphthongs and long/short vowels
  5. The Schwa
  6. Connected speech
  7. Consonants
  8. Homonyms and homophones

The communicative approach to language teaching and learning is used in all sessions.  Workshops and guest speakers are also used in the course.

Course details

course length     dates, 2012 price, tuition only
2 weeks (56 hours)    2nd to 13th January
   € 675
     2nd to 13th April
   € 675
     16th to 27th July
   € 675
     13th to 24th August
   € 675
     22nd October to 2nd November
   € 675

Package prices for Teachers' Course students:

Host family

  • 13 nights
  • half board
  • Cork Airport transfers, weekends only, for flights arriving before 23.00 and leaving before 10.00.
  • price: € 525

Shared apartment

  • 14 nights
  • self-catering
  • single room, kitchen and bathroom facilities shared with other students
  • no airport transfers
  • available in June, July and August
  • price: € 300

School Details

This school is a leader in the field of Language Teacher Training, and as such needs to be at the forefront of Language Learning Methodology. The innovative method of language teaching/learning is based on the Communicative Approach to Language Learning which focuses on effective communication in the target language. The importance of Learner Autonomy is also emphasised.

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