About LinguaSelect

Welcome to LinguaSelect.  My name is Maggie Ford, and I have lived in the Catalan Pyrenees for the last twenty-three years, teaching English privately, leading teachers' seminars and acting as an oral examiner for the Cambridge suite of English Language Exams.

LinguaSelect came into being as a result of pleas from my students to find them value-for-money English language courses abroad.  Many of them (but happily not all) had had less than positive experiences, and wanted to be able to discuss their requirements with an advisor, rather than choosing almost at random from a catalogue.

I have moved on since then and now run an internet-based language travel consultancy offering courses in ten different languages, in countries where these languages are spoken.   There is no office students can visit, but modern technology makes direct contact relatively easy, especially using Skype.  Personal meetings, by prior arrangement, are also possible throughout Catalunya and in some parts of the UK during my regular visits there.


Most reputable language schools are accredited by a professional organisation which performs regular inspections and assesments to ensure that standards remain high.  LinguaSelect works almost exclusively with schools which belong to an organisation of this kind, or which are seeking accreditation.  In the rare cases of schools which are not so accredited, potential students will be informed before they make a booking.

LinguaSelect is proud to be a recognised agent for Quality English schools.  For more information about these schools and courses, please click here.

Keeping Up To Date

To ensure that I am up to date with what is on offer to students, I regularly attend workshops in Berlin, London and Ireland, where I meet representatives from language schools and educational establishments from all over the world, and where I have the opportunity to get to know the people to whom I wil be entrusting the students who book courses through LinguaSelect.  The ICEF International Consultants for Education and Fairs) logo indicates that I have attended at least one of their workshops within the last twelve months.

The ICEF Berlin Workshop is the largest of its kind, and takes place at the beginning of November each year.  I have attended this workshop for the last ten years and plan to continue to do so.  Over six hundred educational providers attend, offering an unparallelled opportunity to acquire the most recent information available.

Whenever and wherever I can, I visit language schools - so that I can compare the reality with the brochure, establish personal contact with the people who work there, and so that the information I give to students is based on personal experience.