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New Ideas for the English Classroom

Locations: London, Muswell Hill, England

Course Details


Course price:  £695 + £90 Registration fee and £35 learning materials.

Course Details

This very practical course is designed for overseas teachers of English who want to brush up on their methodology, refresh their teaching skills and and share lesson ideas and activities with other teachers of English from around the world.  The workshop sessions enable teachers to collaborate with each other - sharing ideas, activities and approaches -and it is also an ideal opportunity for participants to update their English language dkills.

Each two-week course offers 21 hours' input per week. Participants are also encouraged to join the school's regular programme of cultural and social activities.

The course is suitable for teachers specialising in teenage and adult students. Participants should have at least an Upper Intermediate level of English. (B2 on the Council of Europe Framework).

Course Content


These workshop sessions will look at various teaching methods and enable teachers to share their experience and practical tips with each other on a range of modern communicative methodologies including:

  • The Lexical Approach
  • Learning Styles
  • Internet Based Lessons & Resources
  • Task-Based Learning
  • Writing - cohesion and coherence
  • Authentic Video/DVD in ELT
  • Error Correction
  • Keeping up with Phrasal Verbs

In addition, there will be themed sessions to help teacher to improve their knowledge of Britain and, through internation with colleagues and our teacher trainers, give them the chance to refresh their grammar, pronunciation and current English usage. Possible themes include:

  • 21st century Britishness
  • A -Z of British etiquette

Course Dates 2016

January 8th to 15th           June 27th to July 8th                

 July 11th to 22nd              October 3rd to 14th

School Details

The school is a Quality English school, and aims to offer the best possible environment for learning English and, at the same time, enjoying a stay in London.

It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to study because its modern building is surrounded by large gardens and woodlands. It is the only school in London to have a building designed and built as a language school and of course all the facilities are modern and up to date. The school will be the centre of your life in London, whether you are using the study facilities, eating in the cafeteria or simply enjoying the garden.

You will soon feel confident and happy in London because every aspect of your experience is looked after from your first day, and all the members of the staff team are well trained and experienced in helping students.

Everyone can easily make new friends from around the world because the school is small and welcoming, with students from many different countries, and you will also be able to contact existing friends through its free internet service.

Many social activities are organised to help you make the most of your free time, and travelling to central London from the school is quick and easy.

The school is for adults (16+), but a junior course is available in the summer, in a different centre.

Airport Transfers

Students can be met on arrival at the airport or at St Pancras Station, and will be taken to their accommodation by car.

Heathrow    Stansted    Luton    Gatwick    City    St. Pancras   
 £80 £95
 £105  £80     £80

Prices are per person for single journeys.

Accommodation Details

It is very important that you feel happy and relaxed while you are living in London, and all accommodation is chosen with this in mind.  Homestay prices vary according to the meal plan chosen, making it advisable to ask for an estimate before booking this type of accommodation.

Standard Homestay - single room in a house or apartment, within easy reach of the school.  Some twin rooms are also available for students travelling together.  There is the option of bed and breakfast plus self-catering, half-board, and semi-board (3 evening meals a week, by arrangement with the host family).    Price from £123 per week

Superior Homestay - for students aged 25 or over.  Larger single room, some with private bathroom, and the same meal plans as in Standard Homestay.  Twin rooms may be available for students travelling together.  Prices from £162 per week.

All homestay accommodation is -

  • carefully selected so you will quickly settle into life in England and start learning about British culture
  • within walking distance or a short bus ride from the school to save you time and money travelling and to help you meet up with your new friends easily at weekends or after school
  • for adults so you have the freedom to come and go as you please, knowing that you have a friendly home to return to.

Residential Accommodation with meals

This is the best choice for people who enjoy being with other students at all time.  The residence is about 10 minutes' walk from the school, and is only available to students aged 18 years and over.  The maximum age for students in the residence is 25 from September to June, and 30 during July and August.

The accommodation includes breakfast and evening meals every day, plus lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

Price per week:

  Regular, 1 to 4 weeks Regular, extra weeks Superior, 1 to 4 weeks Superior, extra weeks
1st January to 31st May; 1st September to 31st December        £205       £175       £305       £240
1st June to 31st August       £225       £175       £325       £240

Hotels - a small, family-run B & B guest house, or a 3* Best Western Hotel, also offering bed and breakfast, both within walking distance of the school, and both offering an ensuite bathroom in all rooms.  Rates on request.

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