Language Courses in Munich, Germany

Munich is at the same time a cosmopolitan city and a village of a million people. It is Germany's third largest city and in itself is an architectural work of art with buildings dating from all ages, from the gothic through the baroque to the ultra-modern.

It is the Bavarian state capital and an important university city, with some of the most internationally renowned and research orientated universities. Its popularity with students, however, can be said to rest just as much on the many high quality leisure activities on offer.  And when thinking of Munich one cannot forget the world famous Oktoberfest, not to mention the famous Hofbräuhaus.  A favourite way the to end the day is to enjoy a fresh wheat beer in one of the many lovely beer gardens.

It is the gateway to the Bavarian Alps for hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing or snowboarding. There are sports for all seasons in its mountainous terrain, with countless lakes and rivers in the Alpine foothills inviting the visitor to enjoy water sports activities.  But for those who prefer to watch, rather than take part in sporting activites, the city is home to FC Bayern München.

Further afield, there are many famous cultural sites withing travelling distance of the cities, notable amongst which is the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein, eternalized by the myths of King Ludwig II.

Important cities such as Augsburg and Regensburg (UNESCO-world heritage site) and the largest stretch of hop growing region in the world, the Hallertau, are situated more or less on the doorstep.

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German Language Courses in Munich, Germany