Language Courses in Cologne, Germany

Cologne, with just over one million inhabitants, is a cultural and economic centre in the Rhine region. The city owes its international flair to its many tourists and to students from all over the world who wish to study at one of its many universities.

It is Germany’s most important media center, and wherethe largest German radio and television broadcaster, as well as many private television channels, film and television production companies, are located. Distinguished companies like Ford, Bayer and Microsoft are all situated in this region. Many prestigious international trade fairs are held here at various times throughout the year.

The city is especially popular with young people as it has so many leisure activities to offer, though the older generations are not forgotten.  Throughout the year there are many attractions, such as Cologne Carnival (which the local inhabitants often refer to as the fifth season), the annual Rhine firework display, Christopher Street Day and many music and theatre festivals.  The Philharmonic and many important museums also add to the cultural richness of the city.

The most outstanding sight and the city’s landmark is Cologne Cathedral, which in 1996 became a world heritage site. Starting with the Romans, Cologne can look back on over 2000 years of history, and much well-preserved evidence of this can be seen in various places throughout the city.

There are plenty of opportunities for sports activities in the extensive parks and green areas, often directly on the River Rhine. Those who just want to relax in the evening can drink a KoĢˆlsch beer in the romantic, historic district directly on the Rhine, or in one of the traditional beer houses.

The Romantic Rhine is not far away and offers the prospect of a boat trip past its palaces and castles, or a trip to the Mosel with a wine-tasting session.

German Language Courses in Cologne, Germany